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Design Service

Creating a new garden starts with planning, and planning starts with knowledge and experience about what works well with the space you have and the sunlight that's available.  We offer a design service to help you select plants that will work well with each other, with the sunlight, and bloom at different times of the year so you always have a garden that looks good.

Planning out your yard

Our team can meet with you ahead of time to help plan out the additions you'd like to make to your yard. This can involve analyzing the area you have and making suggestions on what types of plants will ultimately look the best. In addition, we can accompany you to the plant nursery to help you select, deliver, and install your new plants to your exact specifications!


MulchWe only use the highest quality mulch that has been triple shredded and is very fine so that it can be shaped to perfection and will highlight the beauty of your plants while keeping the surrounding area moist. The natural mulch we use is organic and breaks down over time to provide a nicer soil for your plants to live in.



In the spring we trim back your plants to allow them to come in full and to help them grow in the right shape and direction. It's important to do this every spring so you keep them looking nice and not grow out of control. Similarly, in the fall, it's a good idea to trim back certain types of plants to prepare them for the winter. Once spring rolls back around, annuals that have been trimmed properly will have an advantage to come out growing more quickly and fully.


Regular maintenance on your flower beds is necessary to keep them looking their best. Weeds can hog all the fertilizer and water that a plant needs to flourish, so it's important to keep your flower beds weed-free! A flower bed that has no weeds will look much cleaner and nicer.

  • Mario was great

    He met us up at Pinecrest Nursery, helped us pick out our plants, delivered them, and had everything done in a day! It looks AMAZING!
    Perry & Tatiane Lucas
    Maineville - June, 2014
  • Extremely Happy

    Mario and his team are very friendly and easy to work with. I called them numerous times with additional questions and they were always courteous and helpful. They returned phone calls... Read more
    Bill Neese
    August, 2014
  • Top Notch

    Mario was on time, on budget and just a pleasure to work with throughout all my projects. He did several projects for me and each time when his team left, the area was perfect and beautiful... Read more
    Maria Korengel
    June 2015