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Regular lawn care is important to the health and physical appearance of your yard.  This involves seeding/overseeding, mowing, edging, and leaf removal, all of which we can help you with!  If you're trying to establish a new yard, we offer services for planting new seed or laying sod.  


The most important thing to know about seeding your yard is the type of seed to use, how to water and feed it for your soil type, and the time of year to put it down. We only use premium grass seed from our partners that includes a mix of tall fescue and kentucky blue grass which works well in the tri-state area (zone 6).  Using a mix helps your yard stand up to the different demands that it faces:  hot summers, cold winters, full sun, full shade or somewhere in between. Given the appropriate amount of water and fertilization, your yard will be full and soft to walk on in no time at all.  Having a thick grass cover also means that weeds won't be able to infiltrate your yard! Remember, the best time to plant grass seed is in early fall when the ground is still warm but the air temperature is cool. Always use a starter fertilizer and water generously.  When watering, look to keep the ground moist but avoid standing water.  This can drown the seeds or cause the seeds to migrate.

Laying Sod

If you're looking to establish a great looking lawn quickly, laying sod is the way to go. The instant gratification nature of sod also comes with the added benefit of being more effective at keeping weeds at bay. Essentially what happens is that sod acts like a natural barrier to block the weeds that are already in your soil from coming up and by crowding out the ones that fly in through the air. Remember to keep sod soggy by watering in the beginning to promote root growth and to allow the seams to come together better. If you plan on laying sod yourself, avoid buying more sod than you can lay in a day - you'll want to avoid letting the unused sod to dry out. But if you'd like it professionally installed by our team, don't hesitate to call us up and we'll deliver and lay the sod for you!



We offer mowing services within a 15 mile radius of Sharonville (that's the red circle) and landscaping within a 25 mile radius (that's the green circle).  Call us at 513 283-1655 to get on a mowing schedule today!  Also, ask us about referring neighbors for better rates or if you're outside our normal range!

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    He met us up at Pinecrest Nursery, helped us pick out our plants, delivered them, and had everything done in a day! It looks AMAZING!
    Perry & Tatiane Lucas
    Maineville - June, 2014
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    Mario and his team are very friendly and easy to work with. I called them numerous times with additional questions and they were always courteous and helpful. They returned phone calls... Read more
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    Mario was on time, on budget and just a pleasure to work with throughout all my projects. He did several projects for me and each time when his team left, the area was perfect and beautiful... Read more
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